How does a FitFam virtual event work?

Pick your route. Run, walk, or (sometimes) bike -- as part of a community, on your own time!

Our events take place over a given weekend, which builds an amazingly supportive sense of community. But, wave "bye" to 4am wake up calls, traffic nightmares, parking headaches, and dreadful lines at the port-a-potties. That's so 2011. It's a digital world and FitFam's Virtual Experience is like nothing before!

Submit your time to our official leaderboard.

See how you stack up with others nationwide. You can even win a time award if you're blazingly fast. Results are verified with your RunKeeper, Nike+, Garmin, or other tracking device.

Get exclusive swag in the mail!

We love swag -- and heard you might too! Participants tell us great things about its: quality, cleverness, functionality, and awesomeness.

Join over 20,000 people participating in our virtual events.

They're inspiring. They're empowering. They're lots of fun. And, best of all, they're virtually right beside you -- on your fitness journey!

Be active, and do good!

All of our virtual events benefit a cause. We carefully select every cause -- because we know that's important to you. Animal rescue? STEM education for girls? We take great pride in making an impact on causes that matter to you.

Win an award for extraordinary efforts -- and creativity.

We love giving out awards and prizes! Best group photo, fastest finisher, or catchiest team name? We've got extra props and goodies for you go-getters!

What makes FitFam virtual events so unique?


We're nerds who obsess over smooth, seamless experience -- start to finish. From onboarding, to reporting times, to connecting people, we make it easy-peasy. If there's a kink, we fix it.

Customer service

We smile when you do -- and our feedback ratings reflect it. Should an issue arise by virtue of us, we make it right. Your faith in us is incredibly important.


Alright, so you love bling. We get it -- because we do too. We've scoured the Earth for the world's best swag partners (and we'll continue to leave no stones unturned). Doing so leaves you feeling like every registration as well worth it. That's key!

Charity partners

We don't take it lightly in finding great charity partners. All non-profit organizations we work with are 501(c)3 certified, theme-related, hands-on helpers, and making a big difference in lives of those in need.

What participants are saying about our virtual challenges

I just have to say how awesome this event and all the participants are!

"I loved logging on and seeing all those wonderful "I for..." statements, and all these athletes from all over getting fit! This was just incredible! Good job‬ for pulling this all together!"

So well organized!

"Everything arrived on time! I love the shirt and have received many compliments on it! The other goodies were awesome too! Much appreciated!"

It was FUN.

"Great community engagement, awesome bling, everything was timely, both mail and communication. My first virtual, but definitely not my last!"

Keep 'em coming!!

"I LOVE virtual races because you have options, and you can support great causes. Thanks so much for hosting and I look forward to participating in many more of your events!!"

Please, please, please have more virtual 5Ks!

"No traveling, no ferries, no hotel reservations! And whoever designed the medal: you are awesome!"

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