Transform your fans into brand ambassadors

FitFam helps you host custom-branded virtual challenges for your community. Be unique, be engaging -- through a digitally-powered experience.

How it works

1. Offer a unique brand experience to fans.

Build a community -- rallying around a theme, goal, and charity cause.

2. Amplify your audience to drive engagement.

Empower participants to share their brand loyalty on social media.

3. Find your most passionate brand enthusiasts.

Let your fans show who's deserving of your most special attention.

Want more detail? Here's a rundown.

  • FitFam works closely with you to create a branded virtual challenge experience.
  • Participants register online to join your virtual event.
  • When the event arrives, participants accomplish fitness goals with your brand's encouraging support and guidance.
  • Along the way, participants share results, photos, videos, and stories on social media -- incentivized by fun awards and prizes.
  • FitFam seamlessly facilitates the end-to-end experience, wrapping up with a detailed post-event summary provided to you about your community.

How does it help you?

FitFam virtual events allow you to transform your fans into passionate brand ambassadors by providing an immersive, community-rich experience that people love to talk about.

  • Create a unique, engaging experience to reach new and existing customers worldwide (or more locally, if that's your cup o' tea).
  • Empower your community to be their best -- so they share your brand proudly and never forget you were right there with them.
  • Re-target your most passionate brand enthusiasts -- knowing exactly who and where they are, and at a time they are most engaged.

What do we handle?

  • FitFam provides an end-to-end solution for your virtual challenge. Do what you do best, and we'll help you engage your community in style.
  • FitFam adds deep expertise in marketing, technology, operations, and customer service to power successful events without a hitch. Zero past experience is required from you.
  • FitFam gives you actionable data so you can make smart business decisions long after the event.

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What others are saying about FitFam

"Working with FitFam was a great collaborative experience! They brought a lot of enthusiasm and great ideas to our event planning process, while paying careful attention to keeping our goals and company spirit present throughout the event. As the event progressed, the FitFam team was always quick to respond to our inquiries and needs, as well as provide creative solutions to any changes we wanted to make. Our participants were thrilled with the event and it truly helped us to create a whole new type of brand experience for them. The most constructive feedback our participants provided is that they wished they had invited more friends to complete the virtual race with them!"
Brian Fisher
Sponsorship Marketing Manager, Nuun Hydration
"FitFam is exactly the kind of company you want to partner with. Not only are they dependable, efficient, communicative, and results-oriented, but they are also team-players. Partnering with FitFam means becoming part of their team. They make an effort to support and promote their partnerships, because that’s the kind of people they are. They did a great job of promoting our brand through effective posts on Instagram, Facebook, and email newsletters. They have great reach in social media and excellent rapport with their customers. I watched them brilliantly handle unexpected obstacles in a way that proved that their customers and participants truly do come first. FitFam does not only get the job done, but gets it done right—building brand trust through creating relationships with partners and customers alike."
Kathryn Porter

Some of FitFam's past partner brands

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