Introducing: the FitFam Family Series

The FitFam Family Series is an opportunity to get in on our three family virtual events: Miles For Moms (5/12 - 5/21/17), Dash For Dads (6/9 - 6/19/17), and FitFam-ily Run (7/21 - 7/30/17). In addition to one low price, unique medals, and premium swag packages for each of the events, you'll receive an exclusive 4th Family Series medal for completing all three!

The Three FitFam Family Series Events!

Miles For Moms

5/12/17 - 5/21/17

Dash For Dads

6/9/17 - 6/19/17

FitFam-ily Run

7/21/17 - 7/30/17

Register for the FitFam Family Series

To register, select the FitFam Family Series option on the Miles For Moms registration page.