When Vegans Eat Steak

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Abstract of original study (published in Nature journal)

New York Times article on the study

Care2.com article on the study (with that great headline)

Chris Kressler low-carb interpretation of the study

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4 Responses to “When Vegans Eat Steak”

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  1. aaaaaaaa says:


  2. Harvest says:

    Ale fajnie że taką wtyczkę ktoś wymyslił.

  3. Martha F. says:

    I love fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts and eat them daily. I wouldn’t mind rarely eating meat but I have a problem with keeping my weight to the desired level. If I miss a meal I lose pounds, and I hate it! Too many carbs don’t agree with me and while I love bread I don’t like many grains and such that have a high carb content. So what in the world do I do to reduce meat consumption? I have more energy when I eat some meat, and I don’t want to give it up altogether. I only eat organic by the way.

  4. Howard Jacobson says:

    There are many high carbohydrate options besides wheat and other grains, if that’s what’s not agreeing with you. Potatoes and sweet potatoes, for example. And few people I know have any kind of sensitivity to grains like rice, quinoa, millet, and amaranth.

    There’s no compelling health reason to give up meat entirely if you’re currently disease-free, with no progression of cardiovascular disease, or have a genetic history of cancer or CVD. Evidence indicates that getting up to 10% of calories from meat may not compromise your health – as long as it doesn’t come from factory farms.

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