Fun with Frying: Amazing Photos from the NC State Fair

In today’s Disease-Proof Blog, Gerald Pugliese writes in a sad and amazed tone about the American love affair with fried food:

America is obsessed with fried food! And you don’t need to be a health expert to see it. Fried and deep-fried foods are all around us, from French fries to deep-fried Twinkies, Oreos, and Coca-Cola—like drinking it isn’t bad enough. Yes America, we’ve got a frying fetish!

Never is it more evident than at local carnivals and state fairs.

Well, your intrepid FitFam blogger has done the unthinkable: I went undercover to the North Carolina State Fair last month, and managed to capture these exclusive photos of ACTUAL signs advertising ACTUAL fried foods that I could smell, see, and get that tickling feeling in the back of my throat that preceeds an urgent need to vomit.

I’m no Morgan Spurlock, willing to actually put it into my body, but I still think it took a lot of intestinal fortitude (literally!) to take these pictures. Gerald, please sit down before viewing… 

Fried Bologna sandwich

A red, white and blue non-profit menu of disease

Deep fried Cheesecake

Finally, a cheesecake with enough fat to taste like something…

Fried Pina Colada

I personally think the Fried Pina Colada Kabob wins big points for originality

Deep Fried Life

I took this photo to highlight the Deep-Fried Coca-Cola, although the Twinkies also deserve a place of honor.

So, post your predictions to Comments below: what’s the next big Deep-Fried thing? Grand prize winner gets a paper napkin and 10% your next angioplasty.

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